Her name is Fallon and she’s fab – pattern testing again.

I really enjoyed my first pattern testing experience and so dived in when I saw @studiotkb requesting testers. Still easing myself back in gently I went for this top which is suitable for beginners but does use stretch fabrics so a bit of practice is needed to master sewing with stretch knits.

Joining a group of fellow sewists who contributed ideas freely, this was a  great experience.

Tina at @studiotkb made us all welcome and was a very democratic captain, inviting us all to add our own modifications.


Between us we made quite a few adjustments, for meaty arms, full busts and curvy derrieres discovering what we liked in drape and fit along the way. It was really fun and rewarding with some very useful contributions from the other testers.

Tina provides a choice of pattern format, you can have a straightforward PDF formatted for A4 printing at home or you can have a version which you take to your local printer or copy shop who can print it for you. Printing PDFs seems to be a source of great debate amongst sewists but as a former teacher and techie, well acquainted with photocopiers, I was happy with these options. Printing and assembling A4 sheets can be a drag but as I have a printer capable of A3 output, I used the copy shop version but told my machine to print it on A3 and this worked out well, while I still had to cut and stick, there were far fewer pieces than if I had printed for A4.


Once your pattern is ready, this straightforward garment is ready to go. The forward seam is the magic ingredient to giving a new shape and with the high low design, it is a really nice pattern. I joined my pieces using the overlocker for ease as it is so good for sewing knits.


I had to make and adjustment to the sleeve to accommodate my ‘bingo wings and I was very satisfied that my tweak was successful and the sleeve and body still went together afterwards.


I also learned how to make this V-neck binding which left me feeling extremely chuffed. Finishing with fine zig-zag on the seams and hems I was really pleased with how it turned out.


Here’s my resurrected Venus dress form doing sterling duty and here is Fallon on me.


The pattern is very easy to sew and adjust if needs be. I think it could be made in different weight fabrics and different amounts of drape. I saw some other fantastic versions in the test group where people had used more drapey fabrics or been bolder with colour blocking and contrasting which made me feel like a wimp but gave me plenty of ideas for the future. Thank you @studiotkb and all the other testers. Fallon is a success and pattern testing is definitely my cup of tea.

Do you like working in a team… at a distance? Pattern testing could be for you.

About Elaine Batiste

I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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