Sewing bookworm – a reprise of Sewing with Knits

A quick throwback to what is now one of my favourite pattern books, Wendy Ward’s A Beginners guide to sewing with knitted fabrics. I have used this book before and this is a pair of repeats. I’ve actually made two more Kinder cardigans and a second pair of Derwent trousers.

I made a short Kinder cardigan when I had the honour of participating in the blog tour to launch this book and I also made a pair of Derwent wide leg trousers for that occasion too. I found that both are so comfortable that they’ve become regulars in my clothing rotation, such as I have. They definitely come under the secret pyjamas umbrella.

I decided, therefore, to make some more of them this time going for a long Kinder cardigan and actually making two in lovely thick Ponte Roma fabric one in a deep plum colour and another in a deep grey, both fairly neutral but just perfect for work and I thought they’re OK for spring/autumn because of being relatively heavy weight.

Wendy Ward’s fabulous book

I made both of them with a heavy Ponte fabric that I got from Wouter’s Textiles, a Netherlands company which I’ve taken to using – they sell fabric in 10 metre rolls.  It means you have to be imaginative about what you make and obviously not wearing them all together but I actually enjoy using the fabric for different items and it’s allowed me to make capsule wardrobes by mixing and matching different fabrics and colours.

Kinder and Derwent go to Tenerife

I’m using my combination coverlock machine to do most of my sewing these days and this allows my makes to be really quick from start to finish and because I’d already cut out the patterns it meant that I actually put together the trousers in under an hour. The cardigans took a bit longer as I batched them, cutting out on one evening and sewing them up separately later.

Two kinder cardigans ready to go

But it just shows that one of the benefits of Wendy’s patterns is in their simplicity, they are very easy to make with very basic shapes but with the use of interesting fabrics and contrasting you can actually make quite a variety of items.

One of the Kinders in progress

Adding this to a black pair of Derwent wide trousers and the Peak t-shirt dress that I made last autumn I can for the first time have multiple totally me-made outfits by pairing the Kinder cardigan with either my trousers or dress

I’d love to have a see what you’re making out of Wendy Ward’s book. Do you like it as much as I do.

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