Welcome to LaineeMakes

Here’s my blog! I’m starting a new blog and this is it. “So what?” I hear the Internet shriek, and probably with good reason. The Net is full of blogs, some good, some bad, some read and some unread, I know. Anyway here it comes, a random hotchpotch of things in my head. Things that I have done, things I am doing and things I want to do. Someone somewhere out there might want to read and take something useful/comforting/amusing from it. I’ll be delighted if you are here and see something you want to read.

Why do one thing when there are so many to choose from? I’m a multi-tasking/Jack of all trades/wanna-do everything/indecisive fool type of person, which means this will be a multi-faceted blog.

The blog is born out of a desire to rekindle my love of all of these things and to bring some creativity back into my life after too much work.

What’s in it? I love a lot of things Travel, Food (some cooking, mostly eating), Wine and (latterly) beer, Photography, Art, Fashion (Making it as well as wearing it), Nature and anything else that happens to cross my mind.

That’s what I will mostly be talking about. Something may take your fancy.