Another Miranda Inspired Dress and Pattern Drafting Software Review

Earlier in the year, I made a dress inspired by Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the City/And Just Like That. I remembered that Miranda was my favourite character of the four friends…

Khaki Twill button up trousers

Last summer I set out on a project to conquer my fear of fly fronts on trousers, making a pair of trousers and shorts with a button front as I wanted to experiment. While I was pleased with the outcome and took them away on holiday with me, I decided that my trousers were a […]

Oops I did it again – the other half of Me Made May 2022

Well, the chances of me managing to post a weekly summary on a daily Instagram challenge while travelling and doing a bit of work, were probably slim so here I am again switching the two last bits of Me Made May into one summary post. After my sulky Week 2, I got back into the […]

Me Made May 22 Week Two

After the fanfare of week one, I got deflated pretty quickly on week two. … Posting every day on Instagram has to be fun and quite honestly this week it became a drag.

Me Made May 22 Week One

Oh look it’s time for Me Made May. I’m still looking at my makes for 2021 and writing and talking about my 2022 plans and now it’s May already.

Sewing the Watson bra

I first cut out this bra in June of 2018 after I had lurked through BrAugust the previous summer and promised I would make myself a bra.

Sewing New look 6688

This top was made for a Minerva Brand Ambassador feature. Minerva was showcasing New Look Patterns and asked us to choose a pattern to review. I chose this simple but sophisticated looking top.

Two pairs of jeans

Jeans making has been in my plans since my first sewing life back in the 80s and 90s. I even got as far as buying two jeans patterns but of course, never got around to making them.