Blast from the Past: One of my DKNYs takes life

During 2017 I kept saying to myself I have to address my patterns stash as well as the mountain of fabric I have accumulated. I settled on a pattern the which I’ve had for many years and never made up. I actually cut this out months earlier on a trip to my sister’s but my busy travel schedule took it from stash to UFOs in one smooth move.

Vogue 2586 Donna Karan

This Donna Karan dress is so simple but for some reason, I’ve never sewn it. I think maybe I couldn’t choose a fabric which was perfect. Finally, I’m making it almost identical to the pattern model and using a  navy blue double knit from @calicolaine. It’s quite a dense fabric that will be quite warm when worn. I think it will be suitable for spring and autumn/winter wear.

The line art for Vogue 2586

I may have wondered what construction secrets lay inside as DK’s pieces often have some tricksy techniques to get the effortless drape look. however, this one is easy peasy. The method itself is quite simple when you get your head around the tie front. It’s a straight back and front with ‘wings’ which tie at the front to create the drape.

I had to add the now customary extra two sizes to my 90s patterns but I think I’m getting good at this now and it didn’t take long on this simple pattern.

Grading up the two extra sizes needed

The result is a simple dress that will be fine for smart or casual. You can wear it as a simple t-shirt or smarten it up with a dress shirt or blouse. I actually wore it to a casual Christmas party with a crisp white shirt.


Definitely a quick win and I’m so pleased with it. It surprised me how easy it was.  I don’t think it is for the lounging, as the front flap rides up it if you sit around in it. I ended up adding an elastic strap around the back waist to hold in place. Aside from that this dress is really comfortable fabric perfect for keeping me warm on an autumn/winter day.

Vogue 2856 Donna Karan-1

This is a 90s pattern which I suppose would be considered Vintage, but I still love the shape and I don’t think it dates. I think most of my fashion choices are relatively neutral as I’ve always worn my clothes for years sometimes decades so I don’t buy or make anything because it’s on trend, I’m in it for the long haul.

Vogue 2856 Donna Karan-2

Sewing form my stash was one of my resewlutions for 2018. I’ve managed a win-win on this one as It’s hit both fabric and pattern stashes. Why don’t you bring something out of the pattern stash that you have never sewn up, you might find a classic that you will love forever.

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