Sewtogetherforsummer my SMYLY time.

This time last year I was bursting with joy over the brilliant challenge started by @sewsarahsmith, @rocco.sienna and @sewing_in_spain. so this year I had to enter again and it just so happened that the challenge garment was on my #2018makenine list.

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The Diane von Furstenberg Wrap dress is the inspiration and I wanted to draft my dress myself as that’s one of my learning goals this year and that vintage pattern is a ridonculous price if you can even find it. I know there are substitutes but in my head, it looks like a good place to start pattern drafting. I was feeling a little fear and suffering a sewing slump after a string of fails, but I had to push on.

I want to make a real improvement to my fit this year and I feel learning to draft patterns will help me understand construction and therefore fit a lot better. So I set about trying to draft a wrap dress. I have gathered an array of tracing paper over the years but I found that some were too opaque, some were too flimsy (I’m looking at you Burda tracing film) some were too stiff. I sound like Goldilocks! I decided to try Swedish Tracing paper and I was not disappointed.

Swedish tracing paper

The texture of this is different to other papers, it feels softer than regular papers and does not tear or crumple as easily. I heard that you can even sew it together so you could actually make your muslin out of it. I didn’t go that far but I may in the future.

I tried Swedish tracing paper and I’m a convert

In the past, being both impatient and a cheapskate, I never used to do muslins. I always put down any fit deviations to my own failings as a seamstress, however, I know that I have to test drive this baby as it’s all up to me whether this fits or not. I decided to try a wearable muslin and used this fabric that I bought in Albania last year.

bodice first fit
First-fit of the bodice

As always the first cut into the fabric is scary, and when its a self-draft it’s moreso. The bodice fits the dress form apparently, the fabric looks wonderful.

After adding the additional contrast facing

Slight adaptation as I realise that I don’t have enough fabric for my band, I had to do a quick adjustment and I found some leftover Ponte knit that I made a couple of tops with. The green picks up the foliage I think so I decided to use that. Note to self: when random fabric buying, two metres is not enough.

Gathers and pleats
The pleats I put in to bring the contrast band and ties together
When you realise you do care about pattern matching.

The finished article with contrast ties turned out reasonably well and as you can see by my face, I am quite pleased with it.

Cheshire Cat much!

I love how my muslin came out, there are definitely a few issues to iron out. Size is a bit out and I need to work on the band with sufficient material next time. However, I’m loving this dress.

Did you take part in #sewtogetherforsummer? How did it go for you?

Elaine x

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I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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