The Hopeful skirt – who knew a knitted skirt could be this good?

The Hopeful skirt by Kunbi Ayo-Okanlawon of @handmadebykunbi is the second knitted skirt that she’s launched this year. I decided to test this one as it looked like a nice quick and easy knit. At first, I didn’t really think I needed a knitted skirt in my life, but how wrong was I?

It’s a fairly simple pattern, great for beginners; basically, it’s a straight skirt knitted in double rib. It’s designed for chunky wool and I knitted it in the recommended yarn, King Cole chunky tweed – sorry I can’t remember the colour as I have a bad habit of throwing the labels away as soon as I start knitting. It makes up really quickly on large circular needles. There’s a little bit of shaping at the waist which is supported by the addition of elastic to ensure that it cinches in.

As I said the thought of a knitted skirt really wasn’t on my radar but I’m so glad that I did go in for this one. Not only is it an easy knit but the outcome was just amazing. I actually got carried away as the process was almost mesmeric – it’s a simple pattern – double rib and I found I’d knitted much longer than intended giving me a midi-length skirt. In addition, as I’m learning these projects grow with blocking, but when I tried it on – wow it was love. I still have some of that ‘knitting is safe’ vibe in my head but when paired with this slinky top I made a few years ago I got a distinctly vampy feel. Although it’s not intended to be a pencil skirt I ended up wearing it as such. I’m a certified, lifelong devotee of the pencil skirt. You can take the girl out of the eighties etc. etc…

There’s not a lot to write about technique as it’s a very simple knit I suppose the only thing is to ensure that you measure to get the length you desire. Mine decided it wanted to be a midi but it looks great at any length as the other testers proved.

Hopeful became a real trouper in my wardrobe for the very cold spring that we had in 2021 and now that it’s coming into autumn, I’m ready to get it out again. It looks great with a close-fitting blouse with dramatic sleeves, but I think it would be good with a simpler top as well. I think this could be dressed up or down and make a fabulous addition to an autumn-winter-spring wardrobe.

So knitted skirt – what say you – hit or miss?

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