Once upon a time, there was a girl who made things. Imagine a teenager with her eyes glued to the fashion magazines but… Absolutely. No. Cash. Luckily for her, she had a mum who could sew and an insane confidence which said “OK like this… I wonder how you make this… I’m sure I can learn to do this.” It turned out that she could learn to do most things and so she sewed and knitted and painted and generally made things.

Then she got a great job and less time and more money caused her to seek convenience over creativity and she stopped making things. Now you know how they say “What goes around….” well now here she is with much more time (limited cash again) and an urge to start doing the things that she hasn’t had time for a decade or two.

There are good intentions, an ancient stash and an inordinately large amount of work in progress that I’m hoping exposing myself to the shame of the Internet will spur me on to conquer.

Having poked my nose around the world of the Sewist (yeah straight in with the neologisms) I’m actually relieved to find that it’s pretty much mandatory to have a large amount of fabric that you purchased obsessively swearing that although you may have no clue what you would make with this piece of never to be found again treasure; you would be sure that you would find something to use it for.

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