Magical Clothing – put a twist on it

I love twist details on garments. I’ve shown you my favourite RTW dress and the top it inspired here and I‘ve been meaning to have a go at creating a twist dress of my own. However, I never had the time or brain space to actually settle down to do this. I wanted a project […]

Relearning Knitting – the Arewa Sweater by Handmade by Kunbi

Hello everyone, it’s been a while, but now I’m back with a different kind of make this time. I decided to pick up one of my old hobbies and do some knitting. I’m a serial starter and I’ve got several half knitted items lurking in the stash. I decided to join a knit-along, I thought […]

Pattern Marriages – jumpsuit hack … again


Jumpsuit Fever is still in full flow, even though the brilliant Sew Together For Summer challenge and summer itself is now over. It was so much fun seeing all the entries from all over the world and I was inspired to enter five jumpsuits in the challenge. I had actually made six but one was […]

Sewing bookworm – It’s habit forming

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I love this book, Breaking the Pattern. I set a slightly tongue in cheek challenge to myself as I designated one square of my #makenine2019 to “Everything in the Breaking the Pattern book”. with the possible exception of the the tote, and the Utu pinafore as it felt a […]

Breaking it a little bit: Kaste butterfly sleeve dress

True to my word I am making more from the Breaking the Pattern book because I’m still feeling the vibe. The latest one I decided to tackle was the Kaste dress. This dress is so pretty and at first it was one of those which I thought, “It really too pretty, it’s definitely not me.” […]

In the Mood – some Free Pattern Love

I’ve got a new obsession. I visited Mood Fabrics in New York on my holiday last Autumn, the warehouse is a cornucopia of fabric and you could spend days in there. It was more a pilgrimage than a shopping spree as I didn’t buy anything because my bags were full and I had no more […]

Halla Coat – Breaking the Pattern

A third of the year has already gone and I have just published my MakeNine for 2019. Although I have made a few items this year already, I’m now embarking on one of the more prominent ones. I don’t really like getting caught up in hype and typically the fact that everyone likes a thing […]