It’s harder than you think …

Blogging…! How to convince myself that anyone gives a monkey’s about my day which seems so mundane that I’m too timid to start writing it down. Well it’s hard. I tell myself I’m writing for myself and not to hope or even care if anyone reads it, but I can’t kid myself. I want somebody to read it, but that means it has to be “Worth reading” and then I end up at the beginning again. Oh hum… 
Anyway, 50 for 50 is having some (limited) progress, many of my goals are ongoing and cannot be realised until the end of Year 50. You know what happened, I just went into that loop of is it year 50 or is it year 51. We had all this at Y2K – do you remember?  When exactly did the new millennium start? Was it at the end of 1999 or 2000? Oh man, that was a long time ago.
Apparently, it’s Year 51 and that just doesn’t have a good feel to it because it makes me think I should have done all of this last year. Oh hum II…
One discrete, measurable goal was achieved a couple of weeks ago: I took a trip to Norfolk to do some birdwatching. Norfolk is a county in the East of England which has more than its fair share of bird life so that was the ideal place to go to complete one of my goals. There are five major Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reserves in Norfolk as well as countless lesser ones and non RSPB sites also, so it was a cinch to complete my goal of visiting five this year. Weather was cooold, icy and below zero with bitey wind when we were at the coast, which was most of the time. However, it was joyous, exhilarating and life affirming to be out in it.

I had purchased a little toy to keep me happy, which was a very big super telephoto lens (see Techno techno …) which I knew was going to make me 

a. see more birds and 
b. become a better photographer instantly. Ha-ha. 

The Bigma
The Bigma
Flock of Wigeon
This was one of my early attempts with the new zoom, these ducks got a bit big on me!

I have achieved a second goal last night when I went to Swan Lake, as I had always wanted to see a ballet but had never made it before. We saw it in the very cute Theatre Royal in my home town of Brighton, I loved everything about it. I’ll need to re-read the precis to completely understand the story, but the venue, the performers, the music and the costumes were all sublime. I need to hurry up and choose an opera.

Several things on my hit list have deserve a “requires improvement” but I can now tick off two completed targets and pat myself on the back.
Bravo moi.

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I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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