Starters orders ….

I’m very good at starting, I good with ideas, I’m a great one for saying “This would be good thing to do…” I’m OK at getting it going. I’m rubbish at finishing. So this should be the easy bit. I’m still musing over what should be the ten more things I need to make my list up to a nice round 50 but I have started several of my missions. 

My first big stumbling block was this blog itself. I think initially I thought about blogging everyday like a diary, then when day two came I thought  “I have nothing to say” then the week came around and I felt the same. All guidance says be regular and be consistent so people know when to expect your drivel. So I’m worried that “my people” have been looking for installment two. (Ha – what people? Only my sweetie Gary knows of the existence of this blurb.) Then I remembered that part of me thinks I don’t want anyone to read it because I have nothing much to say except to myself. Part of me was disappointed that no one has seen it.

Oh… I think refreshing my touch typing skills should be on the list, as even though I learned to type properly on an old-school typewriter and at one point could do about 100 wpm, typing this page seems a trial and my accuracy had gone to s***. 

Another thing I’m in the process of deciding is that I don’t like typing straight into blogger. I think from now on I’m going to use good old Word, where I know how to edit everything and it has auto-correct and it remembers my typos, and yes I know that’s why I can’t type any more, but still its much easier.

Anyhow, in no particular order.

The first to start and to falter was leaving the house everyday. January in England is not the time to take on a task like that. Originally I had a “Come what may …” idea in my head and “even if its just to the corner shop” but going outside in miserable weather just to prove a point seems a bit stupid. I have amended this to be realistic. I will try not to have two consecutive days when I don’t go out but I may not brave foul weather just for the sake of it.

I have completed a week one of Couch to 5K which is a triumph as my previous two attempts stalled after one day out. The weather is inclement but my will is still strong and I will be on track for week two.

I have been taking plenty of photos, even if some of them are of the inner turmoil of the house. I got a new toy; a loooooong lens which I will be putting into service next week when we take a trip to Norfolk for some birdwatching. Oh that’s given me an idea – you know what just happened? I left the blog to find something out and then I forgot my idea. This just brings into focus what my brain is like and how I have to approach blogging. OK, the idea was to keep a full bird diary for a year. That’s now on the list. I may be able to tick off one target as completed already as my trip to Norfolk could include 5 RSPB reserves that I have not visited before. 

It’s on.

About Elaine Batiste

I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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