LaineeMakes does SewPhotoHop2018 : Week One

I’m entering another photo challenge. No sooner had #braugust2018 come to a close than it was time for #SewPhotohop. It’s organised by Rachel of @houseofpinheiro and seems to be one of the most popular on the sewing IG calendar. I joined in sporadically last September because, as always seems the case I was away for most of it. However, this year, as I have committed to a year of teaching, I will be at home for all of September (bar a weekend break to Madrid).

I’ve actually made it past the end of week one with every day complete, so I thought I would summarise here!

Day 1: Introduction: I feel like I’m doing one of these every week and it’s weird talking about myself so much.

sewphotohop day 1
Here I am taking a French selfie.

Day 2 was Currently sewing? There’s never just one thing on my sewing table. I love starting things and if I get the urge, I’ll drop what I’m doing to get the latest brainwave off the mark. So… there are many Works in Progress.

sewphotohop day 2plus
Top row is HOT, but if I’m honest 7 & 8 are UFOs

Day 3: Separates or all in one. My pattern stash and indeed my old wardrobe say separates but my recent makes have all been dresses.

sewphotohop day 3




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 4: Signature style. This is in flux. Many of my patterns are suits or sets of work wear. I do love a bit of power-dressing. I left my job for an extended break and have only recently returned and I’d like to soften this look. I still like this look overall and it suits my job, but I don’t want to descend into boring and muted mode again, my recent memade wardrobe is becoming very LOUD and colourful!

sewphotohop day 4

Day 5: Sewing corner – I got a refurbished sewing space this year and I’m delighted with it. It’s an absolute bloody mess at the moment, but here it is in a finer moment. There’s more about this here


Hemade cupboards and sewing table with added ironing board extension

Day 6: Seasonal favourite: I have loved the incredible summer we have had but now it looks like it’s over and autumn is nearly here (there I said it, albeit reluctantly). I just returned to work after a 4-year time out. After doing 14 years of a 50-minute car commute I’m now in walking distance to my job. I love making outerwear, but I haven’t needed a coat for ages due to driving to most places. I’m going to remedy that this autumn and winter. These are my favourite coats, made a while ago but still loved.


Day 7: Colour texture: Here’s both together in a knitted scarf. I should probably have saved this for other hobbies but … well.

Me again!

As I said, I rarely complete a photo challenge so I am chuffed that I got through week one. Let’s see if I can carry on.


Elaine x


About Elaine Batiste

I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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