LaineeMakes does SewPhotoHop2018: Week Two

Well, well, well. How time flies. It’s been ages since #sewphotohop but I am behind in my posts. Work, travels and needing to talk about other stuff meant that my week two round up is well late. Here it is anyway.

Day 8: This was ‘Especially for… ‘ this prompt seemed to be taken in two ways either something made for someone else or something for a special occasion. I didn’t really have either. I still only make things for myself, although I hope to remedy this soon by making a jacket for G.  My post for this was a top I made especially for me to take on holiday! While I was organising my pattern stash I found this old pattern from 1982 which had a set of separates, I think I may well make some of the other items too.


Day 9: Lightbulb moment. When I realised I could just copy my favourite RTW items if I wanted to that was a major step forward in my sewing. I made a simple template traced from a favoutite RTW t-shirt to give me a summer top or dress pattern. I’ve used this pattern four or five times this last year to give me clothes I love to wear. It’s also encouraged me to learn pattern drafting to tackle more structured tems.

The T-shirt at the top was the template for the two dresses below

Day 10: Fresh out of the machine. Braugust challenge ran in August immediately before this one and I had been taking part. The usual issues of lack of time and not being at home because I was travelling meant that I could not participate fully. Also I still have not tuned my brain in mentally to make a bra. I still baulk at the umpteen diffferent elastics and fabrics you have to combine. I was hoping to overcome that mental block this year. Anyway I hadn’t made a bra but I was inspired to make a swimming costume. I had this fabric which I bought in Albania on my spring time trip last year. It wasn’t intended specifically for a swimsuit but the lycra seemed perfect for the job. So here is my #braugust2018 swimsuit.


Day 11: Creative process. I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to choosing and making items. That’s why I have a big stash and it’s why my blog was called That Random Madam. Many things inspire me at different times. Inspiration comes in lots of forms; lots of Instagram, some Pinterest, sometimes it’s a person I admire on the street. Right now I’m crushing on Tracee Ellis Ross on Black-ish so everything she wears makes me go mmmmmm?!. My work process is also random. Occasionally I get in the mood and meticulously follow a pattern from start to finish, but often I will switch between patterns. Sometimes I like to batch, so I might spend a whole day cutting out several patterns and some time later assembling them in tandem, then another session inserting zips in multiple items. Maybe I will address being more intentional in my process, or maybe this is my process.


Day 12: Tips and techniques. my favourite at the moment is not one I came up with but I learned it recently.  I came across a tip for changing the threads in your overlocker or coverstitch. Tying the ends of the new thread to the old and then pulling it through to change the threads in one go. It seemed to work like a charm.

Can you see the blue coming through?

Day 13: Game changer – as I just said, I recently got a new overlocker/coverstitch machine and this has changed my sewing up a gear. Finishing is not only quick but it looks every bit as good as RTW seams, hems and necklines.


Day 14: Wardrobe Essentials. Separates are the essentials I still don’t have enough of in my self made wardrobe. I have drafted a couple of basic shapes by copying existing RTW T-shirts and so I have made a few tops and maxi dresses based on these. I also like the items in @wendyward’s knit book which I’m working my way though. They are very basic shapes but I think they will make the basis of a super simple capsule.


Okay, so that was week two. Long after the event! I have to post the final two weeks so that it makes a good set, but when will that happen?!

See you later,




About Elaine Batiste

I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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  1. I didn’t change my overlocker thread until I discovered doing it this way!

    I must finish blogging my sewphotohop as I’ve enjoyed reading yours


      1. It is good to look back on.

        No I fell too far behind, sewing took over. I might try again for next year though as that’s good to look back on too!

        Liked by 1 person

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