LaineeMakes does SewPhotoHop2018: Weeks three and four

I started off thinking I wouldn’t be able to post every day of September, and I surprised myself by making through nearly three weeks. However, I did have a holiday in the middle and also I went back to work at the beginning of September so I didn’t make it to the end.  I’m combining the last posts in this one summary blog post.

Day 15: Ugliest fabric: this one made me think hard. There have been makes that haven’t worked but usually due to fit problems. Now don’t get me wrong, I make lots of mistakes. However, I think I learn something from them all. Every fabric languishing in my stash is still loved even if I never make anything with it. Each one still has something that made me choose it, as witnessed by my inability to get rid of them when I try to destash. Equally, I’ve got UFOs which I may never complete for a variety of reasons but they all started with a dream and promised to become something lovely. Misjudgements, better for someone else, maybe, but I can’t write them off as ugly.


Day 16: Sewcial: This one made me squirm a bit as I don’t have any IRL sewing friends but I’m really happy about the lovely people I’ve connected with via IG.

Sewcialise: I love my InstaSewing Friends

Day 17: Fitting SOS: This year I decided to finally learn pattern drafting as I think achieving a good fit is the final frontier with my sewing. I’m trying a few methods including Ralph Pink’s system and Angela Kane who I found on YouTube.


Day 18: Loungewear – it’s not something I’ve been into before as most of my patterns were more workwear or formal dresses. I was lucky enough to do two reviews this year via Minerva Crafts one for a fabric and one for a pattern book and both of these yielded some loungewear.


Day 19: Knowledge hub I’ve shared this pic before,  I’m a real bookworm and I love going back to my old books to look up tips and techniques, but of course I also use the internet loads. I bet i’m not the only one who starts out looking up a tip but then ends up spending hours browsing a beautiful book or bingeing on every YouTube video of that technique.


Day 20 and 22: Handmade on Holiday and What I’m wearing! You can see more about this coverstitch novice story here

Dirty mirror-selfie

Day 30 While I sew; Other hobbies and Whats’s next? – I definitely flagged at the end of this challenge. Although I made it through nearly three weeks without missing a day, finally the fact that I was back at work and also threw in a weekend away meant I just did not have time to do full posts. Anyway, I summarised and picked the posts I could fulfil.

While I sew – I like to have silence mostly. I used to believe in multitasking but I find nowadays if I try to do all the thing, I don’t do anything well. I cannot watch TV – how does that work anyway? If I put on music I end up singing along or even dancing. I tried podcasts but again I get so into what is being said I forget what I’m supposed to be doing with my hands. So I need to concentrate. Other hobbies was a must to complete because I have lots of them. Knitting, writing, reading, painting and drawing for quiet times. I’m also a keen photographer and bird watcher and I love walking in the countryside. The thing that consumes me most, however, is travelling. With my OH we have visited 49 countries and counting.


Finally, what’s next? This challenge  came on the heels of #braugust so I’m going to rewind now and see if I can complete my first bra.

Bras to be…

Now let’s get on with it!

See you soon!



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I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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