Magical Clothing – put a twist on it

I love twist details on garments. I’ve shown you my favourite RTW dress and the top it inspired here and I‘ve been meaning to have a go at creating a twist dress of my own. However, I never had the time or brain space to actually settle down to do this.


I wanted a project to use this fabric that Minerva had given me to review and I thought with its drape, it would suit a twist dress.

I opted for Version One which has the twist element at the front of the dress. You can see from the line art it also has a low back which I wasn’t entirely sure about. I was really pleased to see that they have added a free expansion pack with a high back so this is what I went for.

“Huh huh, I’ve been sewing forever so I don’t need to read these instructions”.


Sometimes when I think a pattern looks easy, it’s so tempting to dive in because “Huh huh, I’ve been sewing forever so I don’t need to read these instructions”. A word of advice – read them – they make everything so much easier especially if like me, you suffer from the back to front and upside downies, because there is a twist and you need to make sure you twist it the right way to ensure everything ends up where it should be. 

I’m full of praise for this pattern because the design is relatively easy but you need to approach the construction with a clear head and I was really pleased that the instructions in the pattern are really straightforward and easy to understand and are supported by some great illustrations.

The instructions give really concise help on fitting such as a bit of a sway back adjustment and also where to end your seams so they don’t get eaten up into the twist and so you’ve got enough room for your boobs.

The pattern is designed to be relatively loose at the front and the adjustments are made in the back. I like this because you don’t have to be super skinny to look great in this dress

From PDF to hanger in about three hours

You can’t really tell on the hanger but this is a magical dress. When you put this dress on it makes you feel like the proverbial million dollars. I’ve always loved bodycon dresses and when I was younger had the figure to pull them off. I’ve not gone for them so much lately because I’m more of an apple shape than an hourglass these days. However, this dress gives the illusion of an hourglass figure. It’s a bit of trompe l’oeil as you can see how the twist draws the eye to the centre of the body accentuating the waist and giving that in and out look.

Feeling the love

Something that I love about this design is that it gives me a bodycon look without being skin tight and actually makes me look and feel very sexy. I had to do a Spare Room Fashion Shoot in its honour.

Have you made any magical clothes? Isn’t it great that we can make clothes that make us feel fantastic?

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  1. Beth

    This dress looks absolutely smashing on you! Also, it looks very comfortable. Seeing garments like this makes me want to start sewing again after, um, about 30 years.

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