Café Tiramisu Collection: Part 1


It’s approaching December and by the time I post this I will be officially allowed to call the end of year festive season by its name (my rules). I know that we are still stuck at home in Lockdown Mark II but there are only a few days to go (hopefully) before we can start going about a bit more freely again.

It’s now the in-betweeny time between Christmas and New Year which I understand is called ‘Twixmas. I’m trying to round up all my sewing that I’ve completed before end of year. It’s now February, the fact that it’s taken so long to complete this post reflects the weird passage of time and how overwhelmed/distracted I feel. We’re now also into a third Lockdown III : Tier 4.

Of course, being cooped up indoors again made me focus more on what we are missing. I seemed to be thinking of party wear more and more. Even though I knew I couldn’t go anywhere and Christmas was effectively cancelled as we couldn’t travel or have guests, I needed to make nice things. I think that’s why I binged on shiny-shiny when I got my last Minerva Maker package of fabrics.

You’ve seen this pattern before it’s a 1990s Byron Lars pattern. I’m having a another go at the trousers. Last time I made them out of cotton sateen but this time it’s going to be a more satin finish with this lovely chocolatey coffee coloured satin fabric from Minerva.

My Byron Lars Vogue 1621

It’s a straightforward pattern and starts simply by closing the darts then joining the fronts and backs together followed by the crotch seam. After that I will try it on and see if I need to make any more adjustments.

I know I’ve gained a little weight since I first made these three years ago so I’m measuring and adding a bit at the waist. This adjustment inspired me to add a strip of black coated ponte which I had bought from Minerva for something else. This added a tuxedo vibe to the trousers which was in keeping with my glam theme. I cut a 3 cm strip of the fabric and inserted in the side seam. Another change I made was to give it a side zip rather than rear as I find it easier to reach. I inserted the invisible zip between the right front and the strip of ponte. While not perfect I was really happy with how my zip went in, I still find these a bit tricky.

My invisible zips are improving

That left just the waist band and hems to complete . I inserted the waistband, reinforced with a medium weight interfacing and understitched to help it stay flat inside. I finished the hems with Wondertape because I didn’t want stitches visible on the outside and even with a hand stitch I think they would show.

There, one more item for an empty social calendar! I may not be able to use these for a while but I know that these trousers have been on my radar for a long while, they are classic and won’t ‘go out of fashion’ as I don’t really roll that way. I will wear them a lot, maybe not right away but for years to come.

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I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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  1. The final product looks so good! I tried working with satin-like material in some beginner sewing projects…and I’m still not ready to go back. haha Seeing finished pieces like this makes me want to try again. Very very cute. In my opinion handmade, home-sewn fashion is always “in.” Well done!

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