Me-Made-May 2021 – Week One summary -I’m in!

This is only my second MeMadeMay as up until last year I didn’t really think I had enough self-made clothes to join in. Last year I kept going through most of it but posting every other day as I was keeping it real – in normal times now I am retired I don’t wear a new outfit everyday as I would when I was working. I tend to wear things for a couple of days unless a special event or sweaty weather makes me change my outfit.

This year, I’ve got a lot more self-made clothes and I decided I could increase my participation. Also what else have I got to do? So I’m going to summarise my MMM for each week.

Week One got off to a good start because I signed up to be a “Reporter” for SewOver 50. They recently hit the 30K followers mark and decided that #memademay – aka the greatest challenge known to sewists, was likely to cause a lot more traffic than the two main hosts Judith and Sandy could handle.

The role of the reporters was to scour the IG hashtag #sewover50 for #mmm entrants and pick out any that sparked joy. I had signed up for the first week, so it made sense that I would post a thing a day as I was going to be here anyway.

Day 1: This started low key with a loungewear look. I made this set last year for #sewtogetherforsummer Loungewear edition

Day 2 : this sweater knit jumper dress is a 90s Burda pattern, I want it to be a bit more cosy.

Day 3: Wendy Ward’s Derwent Lounge Pants in black ponte are a favourite

Day 4: Double me made – SewSoEasy Easy jumper and a 80s/90s Vogue trousers.

Day 5: Newish Yuki waffle patterns Anzu skirt with it’s 15 pockets paired with my Hopeful sweater by @handmadebykunbi.

Day 6: Cloned T shirt in mandala style circles print jersey.

Day 7: Another double whammy – sweater in light weight knit and longline #kindercardigan No 3 in grey ponte

So week one flew by. Let’s see what happened next…

About Elaine Batiste

I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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