Me Made May 22 Week One

Oh look it’s time for Me Made May. I’m still looking at my makes for 2021 and writing and talking about my 2022 plans and now it’s May already. I decided to join in again making my pledge to keep wearing and enjoying my me-made articles and continue sewing my stash and catching up on my UFOs.

I thought I’d just do a quick summary of what I wore in this first week of May. I started the week very simply wearing my current favourite me-made, the beige sweater knit jumper that I made last autumn as part of a sweatsuit/lounge suit that has become a regularly worn fixture in my wardrobe. In cold weather which it seems is all the time now I reach for it. It’s so cosy and I love it.

The next day I wore two of my me-mades: on the bottom, I wore the cream jeans made with the Angela Kane jeans pattern. I’ve possibly got another one of these in the pipeline. There are slight fit adjustments I want to make but I also wanted to make it in some regular blue denim. On the top, I wore an oldie, the Kommatia Patterns top which I tested back in 2018 is a close-fitting raglan sleeve top with a wide V-neck which sits on the shoulders. I really love the top but it’s not cold-weather wear and I ended up putting on my sweatshirt jumper over the top of it.

Day 3 was a gym day and I usually go to the gym in my kit so because it was once again that ridiculous cold, then not cold then cold again weather, that we have here in the UK. I put on my cable knit hoodie dress over the top of it and it was perfect.

I wore the same dress again on Star Wars Day over summer leggings and a t-shirt

I reached for these Vogue trousers on Day 5 another quite old make being from 2018. I love these trousers made with one of my vintage 90s Vogue patterns it was quite intricate make as it’s got a moto detail and side panels. They turned out so well but my only regret was that I didn’t make all those details very visible and I still mean to make another pair in different denim and with contrasting threads.

On day 6 I actually wore four me-made items as I went out in the evening and I wore a new dress which I had just finished days before. Drafted using some pattern drafting software that I’m experimenting with -there’s a blog to come on this. I think the end result was very successful

The last one of week one, I’m back in those gold-coloured jeans with another new item. I made another simple T-shirt from my own pattern, copied from my favourite ready-to-wear T-shirt, there will be more of these to come because one of the things I’ve noticed is that I’m really short of simple basics, so that’s something I need to focus on.

Another quick self-drafted cloned T-shirt

So there is my Me Made May 2022 week one summary. If you’re participating, maybe I’ll see how you show your love for your self-made garments.

Thanks for dropping by,

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I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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