Me Made May 22 Week Two

After the fanfare of week one, I got deflated pretty quickly on week two. Therefore, I had a gap with no IG posts and no blog. Posting every day on Instagram has to be fun and quite honestly this week it became a drag. The newest version of the algorithm seems to dictate that all I can see are reels and adverts.

While I’m intrigued with reels and like the idea of playing with them, it has to be easy and I have to want to do it. The shift to video and commerce seems to be making your average person who just wants to post pictures of what they made/wore this week feel a bit blah!

I’ve whinged all over my socials so let’s get on. This week was quite boring in that I didn’t do that much. Most of my goings out were to the gym (nothing me-made) or the allotment so not very exciting. Although, I still wore something me-made every day, and I wore older items, not just new makes. I put my phone down as IG was annoying me and forgot to take photos, so I’ve reused some old ones. Many of my outfits for this week consisted of RTW jeans and one or other of my self drafted T-shirts.

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Here is my Week 2 Me-Made wardrobe selection

Day 8 – Button front trousers to the allotment with an old RTW top (this top is a favourite so I think it should go on my cloning list); I am struggling to love these trousers as I can’t decide on the right length width. My friends in my phone did help me when I asked which was best. Cropped apparently. T-shirt dress from self-drafted T-shirt block out for dinner with friends

Day 9 – New ochre self draft Tee from my first simple rubbed off t-shirt pattern. The fabric is from @dittofabrics here in Brighton

Day 10 – New self-drafted T-shirt dress in the same ochre jersey as yesterday’s T-shirt and double-faced fleece jacket from 2018

Day 11 – Blue circles T-shirt from 2018

Day 12 – Blue circles again

Day 13 – Khaki Self drafted T-shirt from 2021, I wore this out for a walk over the downs. the fabric is another colourway of the ochre above.

Day 14 – Khaki T-shirt again – IRL I often wear the same thing two days in a row.

One good result of taking a soft break from Instagram meant I became very productive knocking out some summery goodness in the sewing room, for a pending trip which will see in the next instalment. #cliffhanger

Did you make it past Week One?

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