Sewing Plans update – Half Year recap

At the beginning of the year, I posted some bold sewing plans and a fuzzy #makenine pledge. I’ve made a lot of my proposed makes from earlier in the year but as I expected lots of things have caused the original plans to pivot.

What’s complete so far?

Travel of course is a major factor in any of my sewing projects. I’m often sewing specifically with a trip in mind and of course when I’m away, I can’t sew. Now that we are able to travel freely, we’ve obviously been away as much as possible, which has impacted my sewing time.

I completed six of the items on my plans. The red dress is in time-out because of fitting issues, but the rest of the finished items all made it onto my early spring trip to Portugal. When I came back, some of the remaining things (the three sweaters, for example) were no longer seasonal so they were relegated to later in the year. The remaining things didn’t make it for a variety of reasons. Two are WIPs, the jeans jacket and the jumpsuit, I just didn’t have time to work on these two intricate projects – both involve flat felled seams and lots of topstitching. The remaining three were things I intended to draft myself and again I didn’t quite find time to do this. It seems I still overestimate my capacity.

Of course, there is another reason – queue jumpers! My desires can change rapidly where projects are concerned and new trips sparked new ideas. By the time early summer came around, I wanted a whole different wardrobe. I plucked a number of items from my long-time wants list and switched my attention to more basics. I made a few items for my next trip which was to Greece. Then I got into a linen groove and lots of new items jumped into the queue. I also have to factor my Minerva packages and pattern tests into the mix, so plans become fluid.

So here is how my sewing road forked and swerved away from my early intentions.

Well, what comes next? The remainder of my plans are still in the pipeline, and I aim to return to them in the autumn. I also have a little project that materialised over the summer which I’ll present to you next.

So, as expected, my plans came and some went and were replaced by other ideas. Predicting what I am going to make for more than a couple of months in the future is not something I can do or want to do. Come back and see what I plan next and then come back and see what I make next!

How true to your plans are you?

Thanks for dropping by,

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I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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