But you don’t do trends….. Soft Suit Combo Intro

(C) Asos Linen shacket, I can’t resist anymore

I’ve said many times on this blog that I don’t like to follow trends, well apparently that’s not the case anymore. Out and about this summer, I’ve seen a lot of this look and I’m really into it.

Linen waistcoat is worn with linen trousers

I’ve also been liking this a lot – a linen waistcoat. I’ve seen this a lot in fashion spreads this summer.

Linen two-piece “Soft Suit”

This slightly pyjamasy/soft suit look really caught my attention. I love a suit but I don’t really have a suit-wearing lifestyle anymore, however, this two-piece idea which I’m calling a “Soft Suit” is really appealing. It’s also touching on that shacket idea which I’ve been avoiding but decided to give in to. I also love this colour very much and see myself wearing this exact look.

I’m on a bit of a linen trip at the moment if you’ve seen my trouser makes this year. I feel that the pieces will have longevity and can be worn separately, so I won’t fall into the trap of making something that won’t be “in” next year, even though in reality, I’d still wear it if I liked it.

Finding the picture above planted the seed for a set which will be almost all from the stash. I already have the patterns: all from my 90s vintage Vogue patterns collection, and the fabric, albeit it will need to be dyed.

From not liking to follow fashion, I’ve imagined a combo of three hot trends which I want to make soon. There’s a lot here so I’m launching a series of blogs to cover them all and tie them together.


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  1. Dishing on linen myself these days. Hoping to blog some of it soon. I love these looks. Even had a couple in the queue. Didn’t know they were on trend!


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