Something tells me I’m into something good.

There I was sitting at my computer trying to force myself to complete the hundreds of exam scripts I still had to mark, I hear the third knock at the door this morning. It’s not as if I need distracting anymore than I can do myself. I have had to put my phone away so I can’t keep flicking to Instagram and I have had to draw upon superhuman (for me) reserves of self-discipline to stop myself going on other social media. It’s not easy as this marking is all done online so I can’t “Step away from the Internet”.

So why am I typing here, it’s because that third interruption brought me a delivery of joy.  A week or so back I was delighted to find that I had been chosen to receive a gift as part of the #sewtogetherforsummer shirt-dress challenge. I felt very fortunate, almost a bit of a cheat as I had only joined at the last minute as I didn’t realise I was still eligible.


I accepted an Amazon parcel from the postie and was thinking to myself honestly I haven’t Amazoned for weeks! I couldn’t think what it could be. this is not unusual but I was pretty sure this time that I wasn’t expecting anything. It was obviously a book but I haven’t bought a physical book for so long. I was confused.

I opened the packet and the corner of The Tunic Bible came into view. “OOOOEEEEYOWWWW!” – this is the only literal way I can express the level of excitement I’m feeling.

The Tunic Bible: One Pattern, Interchangeable Pieces, Ready-to-Wear Results! by [Gunn, Sarah, Starr, Julie]

I was really genuinely pleased to get an acknowledgement from Sarah Smith and the other hosts of the challenge and I was not expecting it when I read the announcement that I had received a gift. That was so cool. However, now it’s here I am even more over the moon.

Now I’m a great fan of free things, although strictly speaking this was won; but free things that are beyond fabulous? That’s another level. Now that I see the book I would have been very happy to buy it with real £££s.  I have been following Julie Starr for a few months and admiring some of the garments she showcased on her Instagram, but this book is bee-ute-iful! Not only that; on first inspection it’s well written, wonderfully organised and it looks as though it will be really easy to use. My only problem will be to choose which tunics (plural) I make.

So once again thank you @sewsarahsmith, @sewing_in_spain and @rocco_sienna and thank you Julie Starr for this wonderful book.

Something tells me this sewing community I’m into is something really good.

Have you seen The Tunic Bible? Have you made anything from it and how did it go?

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I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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