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As it’s approaching the time of year when we start thinking about glamour and glitz, who wants to know about what I made a lot of back in the summer – BASICS of course! As I completed MeMadeMay, I noticed that I had a lot of holiday clothes and “frosting” but lacked those simple unremarkable items that make our everyday wardrobe decisions tick over smoothly. This post is a rundown of a few essentials that I threw together in the middle of the year.

1. The Chelsea Tee from Fabrics-Store

A while back when I was dabbling with bulk buying fabric I came across Fabrics-Store a US-based company that specialises in linen fabrics. I was just on the verge of ordering a bolt of their linen when I decided I couldn’t justify the shipping costs. I did however discover their library of sewing patterns. Their ‘best’ patterns are for sale at interesting prices but they have quite a large number of free patterns that you can download if you register on their site.

Just three pattern pieces, this is so easy to make up. I made it in silk noil from the stash – this fabric is so easy to sew and comfy to wear.

Not entirely sure my collar darts are doing what they are supposed to

However, the jury’s out on this one. It is VERY basic and I almost think too simple for my taste. I paired it with jeans, tucked in and hanging out and I think the best I can say is “… mmKAY”. It fits and it’s comfortable but I realised the shape reminded me of gift shop tee shirts that I never think looks good on me. I’ll have to hope this one grows on me.

2. Another cloned Tee Shirt

I’ve previously made two tee shirts – here and here – by copying my most favourite tee. I simply busted out my pattern again. I used some lovely cotton jersey fabric that I bought from my favourite shop, Ditto, here in Brighton. These Tees take about an hour to make and I know it’s going to be just fab. This form-fitting shape is much more me.

Finished just in time to come on my hols to Spain, it’s had plenty of wear already.

3. Two clones of different Tee shirts

I had some fabric in my stash that I was itching to use. I had bought two small pieces of linen jersey that I wanted to make into Tee shirts. I was inspired by an RTW tee shirt that I had for years from Wallis. I really liked the fabric and wanted more tees made from that cloth. I ended copying two very simple RTW tops. Very simple shapes but they somehow give me a good shape rather than the 1st Tee.

So simply put, I filled a few gaps in the basics section of the wardrobe. They are not as exciting as some of my other makes this year but they were necessary and the self drafts are always satisfying.

Do you have enough basics in your memade wardrobe?

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