Oops I did it again – the other half of Me Made May 2022

Well, the chances of me managing to post a weekly summary on a daily Instagram challenge while travelling and doing a bit of work, were probably slim so here I am again switching the two last bits of Me Made May into one summary post.

After my sulky Week 2, I got back into the groove of the Challenge, however, I was just about to go away for a week in Greece, so you know what that means – I had to sew something(s) to take away with me.

Last year’s challenge taught me that I needed more basics, so I knocked up a few to take away with me. In that week or so before the trip, I made four new T-shirts all based on my own self drafted t-shirt pattern, that I rubbed off from a favourite well-fitting, ready to wear T-shirt from years ago. These they all went into the suitcase to go away with me

SimpliciTees – 5 tees all from one pattern

I also managed to complete a long-wished-for make which was linen trousers. I used my Patternlab block as a base and pinched the details from ready to wear trousers that I’d had in the past. I’ll blog these in detail later but you can get a sneak preview here.

So week 3 was in two parts and consisted of me mooching around in t-shirts and ready to wear jeans and then the second half was holiday time so I got a bit glammed up.

This line up consists of a pair of red shot linen trousers worn with one of the new tees; a t-shirt dress, as worn last week, a rerun of these linen pants and knitted tee shirt from last year; a new tee-shirt in ochre jersey; white linen trousers and another SimpliciTee in striped ponte; McCalls M8090 in double gauze – so comfy in the heat and my trousers are worn with this light cotton lawn blouse from last year.

Week 4 was summer wardrobe as we were still in Greece and then at the end of the week, I was home pottering around on the allotment so back to basics again for that last little half week on the end. I wore this self-drafted dress from 2018 which hasn’t seen much wear, but it was great for the holiday weather. I wore the double gauze dress for the flight home and then for the last few days – one of my new tees with button front trousers from last summer. The last day was yet another of those tee shirts with a border print skirt from Lockdown 1.0.

For a full summary, you can see all of my selections together in one of my favourite apps Your Closet.

Me Made May 2022

So there you have it my Me Made May. I wrote a mammoth IG post for the last day summarising my challenge, so I’m going to just plonk some of it here.

…it is a great challenge so thank you @sozoblog for continuing to host and prompting us to be mindful about our makes, both while making them and afterwards too.

I wore something I made every day in May and I’m pleased to say I can do that every month now if I want to. I made my usual holiday froth but also made some effort to fill the gap identified last year which was basics.

I’m really happy to see that so many of the items I’m reaching for are drafted by me. My mission is to learn to draft and make my own patterns and I’m inching forward all the time. I’ve filled some gaps in my wardrobe, I’ve shopped my stash a lot, however, I haven’t tamed my backlog of UFOs. There are things I’m desperate to wear but they are not finished so that has to be a focus.

From my Instagram

Do you do Me Made May and did you have any wardrobe revelations this time around?

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