My 2022 sewing summary

I’ve posted everything I made in 2022 to Instagram and it was interesting that I produced more items in 2022 than in the two previous years as I thought I’d spent more time away and therefore had less time to sew.

2022 started with a couple of Minerva projects early on and then I made a plan containing 10 garments which was a sort of #makenine – consisting of whatever was floating around in my head at the time and two of these were finishers. The first batch that I completed included the faux shearling coat and that suede bomber jacket, the tracksuit top and bottom; button-front trousers reviewed here on the blog. The red cupro dress ended up being a failure, it was too small and I didn’t like the finish. Equal parts Burda’s instructions – I just didn’t understand how the neck was supposed to work – and my carelessness, I think I forgot the seam allowance so the dress is just that bit too tight and I’ve no fabric left to do any remedial work.

I did a half-year review of how my sewing plans panned out so picking up from there I’ll finish the year. I referred to the plan and was pleased to have completed some UFOs and some wardrobe gaps.

My Early 2022 plans Swipe to see how I got on

In the summer, pattern testing, Minerva projects and more trips meant more diversions and the heatwave meant I sewed a lot of linen. I slowed down a bit in the autumn maybe because I had a very long time away from home. However, a few more items came off the planned list – I made the black denim skinny jeans and finished that Stevie jeans jacket and matching skirt which had been lingering for almost 3 years. I made another pair of denim jeans, still searching for the Perfect Fit. A couple of items remain from that list – the knit tops and brown leggings. Both of these items were leftover because I just never got around to drafting the patterns I thought I could do.

I did a lot of Minerva fabric reviews, and there was more testing in the form of the super helpful Kaede apron from Yuki. I finished the Atlas Wrap dress that I put on hold before I left for Italy.

I got the urge to make a shirt dress and hacked a very old shirt pattern. I dug out this copper-coloured dress from the UFO pile and finished it off. A second pair of jeans materialised. One of my Minerva fabrics yielded this cosy set (two here but there was in fact a third item, a simple skirt). Next was a black Ponte cloned skirt with added pockets. Then there was a bit of repurposing with an anorak made from a redundant sleeping bag. I copied a community favourite pattern in the M7969 dupe. I did make a blue jumpsuit although it wasn’t the one on my plan, it was a different pattern drafted by me a few years ago. The Sew-together challenge team gave me a reason to sew a coat in the winter. I finished off the year by entering two challenges with the red velvet dress.

7132 (Apron, Waistcoat)

2022 Total = 43 items finished

Of these 6 were items released from the Unfinished pile.

13 pieces were self-drafted or hacked

I did three pattern tests: Two for Style Falcon and 1 for Waffle Patterns

Many more than last year. Wow, that sounds like a lot.

I was also really productive with my blog. I’m still hovering in that space where my blog is for me but I’m insanely happy that people actually visit me here. Ideally, I like to blog all of my items relatively soon after they are made and I had a soft target of posting weekly. I managed to be quite consistent this year, posting 46 entries, and even managing to schedule posts so that they launched while I was away and there weren’t too many gaps.

I didn’t do any knitting this year – I don’t know why, I have several things on my Ravelry queue and I set myself a goal of six items, similar to what I did last year but I never at any time said to myself. “OK, I’m in a knitting mood right now”.

So the next task is to think about how I want to approach 2023. I will make some sort of plan but I expect it will be a bit stream-of-consciousness as well.

I’ll be snooping all the other sewing summaries I can find for the foreseeable.

Thanks for dropping by,

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