green scrubs

Joining the Scrubs Army: what does it take to feelgood?

Like many other UK sewists, I’ve decided to join the scrubs-making army. There are currently thousands of us, mostly women up and down the country sewing hospital scrubs to support the NHS. I’m doing this because I want to; because it makes me feel useful to make a contribution to something, but while I’m sitting […]

My MakeNine for 2019 before 2019 is over…

It’s nearly the end of February and I haven’t yet declared my #makenine for this year. I’ve been really busy since I went back to work last September, so sewing time has been drastically reduced. I’ve also been trying to cut down my social media addiction by not being on IG and FB so much. […]

Are IG friends real friends?

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with work for the last few weeks and so I haven’t been on social media much. It made me think about a few things as a result. New colleagues, a family bereavement and the approach of Christmas got me thinking about the people we have in our lives. I’ve got […]

LaineeMakes does SewPhotoHop2018: Weeks three and four

I started off thinking I wouldn’t be able to post every day of September, and I surprised myself by making through nearly three weeks. However, I did have a holiday in the middle and also I went back to work at the beginning of September so I didn’t make it to the end.  I’m combining […]

The No Sewjo Sojourn cannot go on!

You know when you’ve had one of those No sewjo sojourns where you just keep hiding from the stash, the WIPs, UFOs and your ‘To Make’ list. Well, that’s where I’m at right now. A few months back I smugly congratulated myself on tidying my stash, organising and ranking my WIPs, actually finishing some UFOs […]