My MakeNine for 2019 before 2019 is over…

It’s nearly the end of February and I haven’t yet declared my #makenine for this year. I’ve been really busy since I went back to work last September, so sewing time has been drastically reduced. I’ve also been trying to cut down my social media addiction by not being on IG and FB so much. As a result, I’m sewing less, scrolling less and blogging less.

I do however have plans for 2019 sewing – lots of them! Nine items is not nearly enough again. However, I haven’t had time to get my ideas straight in my head and write them down. Procrastination and having to present it in “a way” meant that I’ve taken ages getting my thoughts organised.

I’ve actually already done a fair bit of sewing this year and I was pleased to have a great, mostly me-made holiday wardrobe for my spring trip to France. I’m thankful that the winter blues haven’t got me in their grip quite as much as last year and I feel quite productive. This, of course, means I have had to adjust my proposed nine items.

However, I’m now ready to announce my #makenine2019!

Replacement for an RTW jacket lost on holiday

I’ve been meaning to do some dude sewing for some time and this is overdue and a priority.  Last autumn Two autumns ago, we had a brilliant trip to California, which all went well except that G left his jacket in a closet in one of the motels we stayed at. Of course, I promised him a replacement and now I have to deliver.

This will be a remake, I made two versions of this jacket way back in the 1990s, 😮 but I see they are in again and although I don’t generally follow trends as I want my clothes to last more than a season, I fancy a Moto-style jacket in some funky, bold fabric.

It seems my man and I are too alike sometimes, this item is needed because I left my jeans jacket somewhere in Albania, last year, so I need a new one. I’m going to try drafting a jacket as I still harbour ambitions of making my own patterns. So this will be an experiment and I’ll have to first complete a bodice block.

The inspiration for this skirt came from an M&S advert. It looks like a denim skirt in style but was not made in denim, I want to try it in a heavy ponte fabric. I also like the A line shape.

This bundle of ideas seems to be developing a theme. I’m digging denim styles a lot, I just don’t want to necessarily make them in denim. I really like the jeans-jacket-in-faux-fur look, and the floral jeans look , so these might happen.

I’m thinking about jeans both for me and my guy. I have a couple of patterns in the stash so options here are many. I keep seeing cool jeans everywhere, Black denim with white topstitching, raw denim with black topstitching; floral jeans all of which appeal so I have a lot of inspiration.

Can you tell what it is yet?

A slight detour to a much-needed item. I love bumbags, they are so handy when travelling. I’ve managed to destroy two cheap ones I bought while on holiday and I’ve decided to make my own with some additions to make it the perfect little hands-free bag.

My plans this year are not just for clothing. Mi casa seems a little unloved in places and I want to spruce it up a bit. My sofa is looking really sad, the “bargain” PU leather recliner I bought a few years ago is ragged af and is shedding its coating everywhere. It’s still operational and still comfortable so I intend to have a go at covering it. Its little companion sofa has been begging for a new outfit for a while too.

If I’m sprucing up the lounge, I’ll need some new curtains too.

All of the above I hope to make using stashed resources as far as possible. I’m aiming to use fabric I already have and patterns will be reused, adapted or self-drafted.

Finally, and this is the main reason I’ve had so much trouble putting this plan together, is this.


I bought myself this book, sort of for Christmas and honestly, I want to make everything in it. It almost has it’s very own makenine! I’ve already made two Ruska dresses with more in the pipeline (slightly obsessed) and I’ve got designs on most of the other items too.

Well, there it is. I’m pretty relaxed about the whole deal. This is an ambitious plan as I will be working until July then my Mr has plans to resume travelling as soon as possible, so I know time will be tight. This list barely scratches the surface of the ideas whirling around in my head but we have to start somewhere. I’m pretty sure I won’t make everything here, and interlopers will appear, but these are the things I desire for now, we’ll see how it goes.

Happy making this year, have you made plans or are you just a take-it-as-it-comes type of sewist? I’ll be stalking other people’s #makenines to see how we get on.

Thanks for stopping by.

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I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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