Pattern Marriages – jumpsuit hack … again


Jumpsuit Fever is still in full flow, even though the brilliant Sew Together For Summer challenge and summer itself is now over. It was so much fun seeing all the entries from all over the world and I was inspired to enter five jumpsuits in the challenge. I had actually made six but one was a fail, more on that another time, maybe.

When midnight struck on Midsummer Day, I still had one incomplete jumpsuit on the cutting table, so it missed the cut, (haha) but still needed finishing.

My T-shirt pattern used to cut the bodice

It’s a self draft/pattern hack. I’ve used my own tee shirt pattern for the top and for the bottom, I used @thatwendyward’s, Derwent Wide-legged pants from the Beginners Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabric. I love the fit of these pants and the simple waistline makes it easy to join to a bodice.

Front and back cut the same for ease of entry

I wanted a simple pull/on pull off item so I cut a scoop in the back bodice as well as the front to make sure I could get in and out easily.

Top and bottom ready to be joined

The top came together easily as always, it’s simply three seams, then add the two rectangles for grown on cuffs/sleeves. The neckline can either be simply turned over or you can add a band. You can see my original make from this pattern here

When I tried on the suit it was easy to get on but the scoop was in fact too deep and it wouldn’t stay on my shoulders. This inspired me to add straps across the back. I cut some strips of the fabric and plaited them into a rope then attached across the back.

I did a criss-cross first but I couldn’t find a good attachment which held the back up without gaping. Finally, I settled on straight across to hold it. I also took 2.5 cm out at the shoulder seam to make it lie flat. Ideally, I will make the bodice a touch shorter in a future iteration but I didn’t want to take it apart. The result is still easy access but now a smooth line too.

I’m totally made up with this suit, both as a garment and with the fact that an idea translated to the real thing so well. Look how smug I am even though I can’t pose for toffee.

Supermodel pose or spotting a cobweb on the ceiling?

This is a very satisfying addition to my instant jumpsuit collection. I think the jumpsuit is my spirit garment!

Share your summer makes – I wanna see em!

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