The End is Nigh… or is it already all over?

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Hello 2020, another year has ended and we start all over again. Some say its a new decade, me I’m a numerical sort of gal and I think its the beginning of the end. It’s now the time when we think about last year and consider what awaits us in this new year. Its the time for reflections that come every year

I sauntered out of the blocks quite sedately in January as work meant I had to ration my time more; in addition, due to the fact that I was on a 0.8 contract (which in teaching means 80% of full time), we made a very intentional plan to insert a few short breaks into the year in the interests of work-life balance. To avoid any chance of another burn out, I was anxious to maximise my own time and avoid ending up getting paid part time but working full time.

This meant that I had quite limited time for crafting. However, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have some pre-holiday sewing frenzies, as my trips are really my favourite time to showcase my memades, so of course I had to make some items for my hols. I was really excited to see how many of my holiday clothes are self made.

This was my summer self made wardrobe as far as I can remember. Gaps are either RTW (probably jeans and T shirt) or I can’t recall what I wore. That’s at least 33 out of 60 days on this trip. I’m going to try to use this app to see how I dress at home as well.

I declared my #makenine2019 in February but by then I had already made a few items and I had been on a couple of trips already. I started strong with my Halla coat from Breaking the Pattern. Named Clothing’s masterpiece really had me hostage most of the year and what started off as a little joke with myself to make “everything in the book” almost came true.

I put down BTP for a breather only to get caught in the grip of jumpsuit fever for #sewtogetherforsummer; making FIVE successful ones within the challenge timeline, one extra finished after the challenge had ended and one fail.

A milestone this year was making an item of menswear, Gary’s super shirt. It was a long time coming but much appreciated and I have plans for more menswear in the future.

What I made in 2019? Here is a list for those who like them.

Burda Style 1996 dress cream ponte Burda Style
Ruska Knot Dress Cream ponteNamed Clothing
Burgundy Pinafore Vogue 2586
Ruska Knot Dress Aubergine Ponte Named Clothing
Kinder cardigan Aubergine ponteWendy Ward
Kinder cardigan Grey ponte Wendy Ward
Derwent wide trousers Black PonteWendy Ward
Burgundy straight trousers Vogue 2564
Velvet Easy Sweater SoSeweasy
Mile End Skinny TrousersKommatia Patterns
Bootstrap Dress FormBootstrap FashionsHere
Basketweave Knit TeeSelf Drafted
Stretch Velvet DressSelf Drafted
Halla Coat Named Clothing Here
Ruska Knot tee long sleeved grey jerseyNamed Clothing
Replacement Dining Chair seat coversSelf Drafted
Kaste Butterfly sleeve dressNamed ClothingHere
Cream Ponte TrousersWoman’s Own magazine
Black “Cherry” jumpsuitMood SewcietyHere
Blue Velvet JumpsuitMood Sewciety
Grey Ponte Jumpsuit Self draft
Jungle print scuba jumpsuitSelf draft
Black and white culotte jumpsuitSelf draftHere
Sade blouseNamed Clothing Here
Rae PantsNamed Clothing Here
Man’s ShirtBurda StyleHere
All of my 2019 makes. Funny how seeing them all here shows how behind I am with blogging

You can see a gallery of all my finished 2019 makes here. I did a lot but as usual maybe bit off more than I could chew as many of my intended schemes did not come to be. Maybe my plans weren’t tight enough. I wanted to focus on learning drafting and fit and I am a fierce autodidact but I think I have to concede that I may need someone to teach me and so I’m looking out for courses to make these goals come to fruition.

The end of the year has been a bit funny for me. When I came home from my long summer road trip, I had every intention to dive into the remainder of my planned makes and have another bundle ready before the end of the year. However, I came home in the middle of October and the winter blues have had me in their grip since then. I think it’s partly seasonal affected disorder which I’ve always had a bit of but also, I think the fact that I officially started my, albeit early, retirement has got me feeling a certain kind of way. I’m having a bit of an identity crisis because for so long who I am has been wrapped up in what I do. The last several weeks I haven’t had much mojo for anything let alone sewjo.

If the sun ever decides to shine again I might cheer up a bit and I hope that reaffirming my pledges and talking to my online sewing fam will bring the spark back.

How do you shake the winter blues? This I really would love to know.

Thanks for dropping by.

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