Me Made May…the rest of it

Sorry, sorry… I had intended to do a week by week recap of #MMM21 but, well stuff happened. So in order to bring this to a close I decided to just put the rest of the weeks into one post.

Week Two

There had been a little more easing of restrictions and I used MeMadeMay as a prompt to go out of the house more; still needed an outer layer most of the time.

Day 8: Waterproof jacket that I made as a Minerva Make, just before the pandemic started. That and the crazy weather we had last year meant I’ve barely had a chance to wear it.

Day 9: Fresh off the machine, this hoodie dress was a hack of the Finlayson sweater that I made for G a few weeks earlier. I lengthened the body and made it slightly A shaped and then used the hood and kangaroo pockets.

Day 10: I dug out these jeans that I rubbed off from a favourite RTW pair of which the thighs had worn out. It doesn’t get enough wear as I didn’t do a great job of the fly but bringing it out reminded me that I want to have another go at these jeans.

Day 11: Wardrobe favourites, my Peak T shirt dress and Kinder Cardigan No 1 from The beginners guide to sewing with knit Fabrics by Wendy Ward.

Day 12: I ventured out again – two days in a row was quite notable at this point in the pandemic. It was still chilly so I wore my double faced velour jacket that was another Minerva Make from a couple of years ago. I also had on a yet to be blogged top that was made from an old Woman’s Weekly pattern that I found in the stash.

Day 13: Out yet again. Here I’m wearing one of my favourite makes, a camel wool coat that I made about 30 years ago but have treasured. I also had on a newer make, my Saraste shirt which I showed you here.

Day 14: Kinder cardigan No 3 (I must get around to blogging these) with another treasured old make – a 90s Vogue pattern which was made up in the 90s.

Week Three

This week cabin fever finally got the better of us and we managed to go away for a trip to East Anglia. This gave me plenty of opportunities to show off more of my self made wardrobe.

Day 15:  Now a favourite, this t-shirt was cloned from a favourite ready to wear.

Day 16: My first completed handknit when I took up my needles again last year. This is the Arewa Sweater by @handmadebykunbi

Day 17: The Finlayson hoodie dress on its first outing in the wild. Absolutely brilliant for sightseeing in chilly weather.

Pretty East Anglia towns

Day 18: My Halla coat came into it’s own for the coastal promenade swapping one blustery seaside for another.

Day 19: Finally, a sunny day! We went out for a spin on the bicycles and I was able to put my new e-bike through its paces. I wore my ‘booty’ jeans again with my Named Clothing Ruska knot tee.

Day 20: The favourite knit of this spring season, three memades. Top and skirt in the knit plus my first cloned t-shirt was perfect for an excursion on a boat up and down on the Norfolk broads.

Day 21: A rainy indoors day I wore my Vogue moto jeans from a couple of years ago.

Week Four

Into the second part of our trip, we moved away from the coast and into Kent for some more birdwatching and revisiting some places from our early days.

Day 22: This sweatshirt made with fleece that I dyed and then colour blocked was from last year’s #sewtogetherforsummer (Loungewear edition)

Day 23: The booty jeans were the core of the outfit today as we were out on the bikes again.

Day 24: This top from a ‘vintage’ Burda magazine was finished late last year and is made from this amazing knit that everyone seems to have in all sorts of colours.

Day 25: I discovered a new pattern company earlier this year when they asked me to promote this top, the Bleeker, it’s a nice mix of casual and glam.

Day 26: Out for a ride to Sheerness the hoodie dress was perfect with some leggings for cycling.

Across the estuary

Day 27: Back at the coast we stopped in at Whitstable which was gorgeous but full. A little further along the coast we managed to get lunch at Herne Bay. I wore a cloned batwing shirt and my new Hopeful knitted skirt that I was testing.

Day 28: This was the final day of our trip and on the way home I wore another iteration of the Wendy Ward outfit. This time it was Kinder Cardigan No 4 with the Peak T Shirt Dress.

The odd days at the end

Day 29: Back home in another wardrobe veteran, another version of that Vogue shirt, paired with the Supermarket paperbag-waist trousers I tested last summer for Seen And Sewn Patterns.

Day 30: I pulled out this knit fabric tee shirt before heading to the allotment for a day of hard slog. It was a bad move as the sun has finally come out and it is a more May like temperature, I was a bit over heated.

Day 31: This knitted cotton t-shirt was far more appropriate for the heat. I finished this in March after starting it last summer in peak pandemic crafting mode.

So there it is. My Me Made May recap. It was such a pleasure to review my wardrobe and look back at some of my favourite things that I have made. I wore something memade every day and was able to identify a few gaps in my wardrobe for example I don’t have a single black skirt and definitely need to make some jeans as my RTW ones are all in a state of disrepair. I realised/remembered that I often make clothes to take on holiday and this made me think maybe I need to focus on basics more (this will be difficult but I think necessary) I like a bit of frosting but it just isn’t practical to make stuff for “Best”.

I have this super app that I used to to summarise the entire month of clothes. It’s called ‘Your Closet’. It’s an Android app, I’m not sure if it is on IOS but there are definitely Apple versions. You can import pictures and edit them in-app and there are functions to log all your clothes, create outfits and populate a calendar.

This was my second MMM, my first that I participated everyday and it was a lot of fun but a lot of work, so I’ll scale back again next year if it still going – I noticed a lot of people reporting posting fatigue.

I hope it does continue as it’s a wonderful way to celebrate our makes (OK show off) and to connect with others in the sewing community.

‘Til next time, thanks for dropping by…

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I'm a teacher, a lifelong learner, a traveller, a maker, an adventurer and a 'want to do more' kind of gal.

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