Julia Yoke Sweater – top to bottom knitting again

It’s nearly a year since I made this sweater and I’ve only just gotten around to blogging it. I think what happens is that once I’ve posted it on social media, my brain ticks the To Do list as done and dusted. Well here it is, better late than never.

This was another test knit for Kunbi, @handmadebykunbi who creates lovely knit and crochet patterns and introduced me to top down circular knitting. This is a lovely sweater with a slip stitch pattern to give interest to the yoke. Hence the name Julia’s Yoke Sweater (I have no idea who Julia is btw).

Another relatively quick knit due to the chunky wool and it’s also beginner/intermediate friendly too with clear instructions. It’s made with short sleeves again – I still question the sanity of a short sleeved woolly sweater, but I made it anyway. There were some requests from other testers for instructions for long sleeves so I may do that in the future.

The yoke emerges

One of the things I like about top down circular knitting is that you can try on the garment as you knit. When knitting flat, I remember the fact that you didn’t know if it would fit until the end was a source of anxiety for me. Now I feel more confident that I’m making everything the right length and won’t have to redo it later.

Very trying situation

It was a fairly uneventful project as once you have done the yoke its stocking stitch and some rib and you are done. It has revealed a challenge for me in that I knit loosely. I could see this as my stitches and increases are far more visible than they should be. Like fitting in sewing, tension is crucial in knitting, it’s what determines the final size of your garment and how well it fits. I’ve realised I’m a loose knitter so I need to work on sustaining my tension throughout a project in order to make sure my fit is true.

  • julia

Nevertheless, the finished article is really beautiful.The chunky yarn, Drops Andes has a lovely hand and this colour, a departure for me, was perfect. I think it really goes well against my skin. It is warm so I think I should have gone for long sleeves, but it can be layered.

Okay, short sleeves on wooly jumpers – what’s your take?

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