Waffle Patterns Kaede Utility Apron

Out of the blue just before my Italian holiday, I was contacted by Yuki of Waffle Patterns. She was testing a new pattern. She must have read my mind because the latest pattern was a utility apron/belt.

That’s a bit out of the ordinary, you may think but, for the longest time, I had been thinking that I needed to make some kind of apron for keeping my sewing tools in while I work. I am cursed with Ileftitsomewhereism and have a putaway aversion. These afflictions mean that I am always mislaying my tools.

I wish I had a fiver for every time I’ve gotten up from my sewing machine with my scissors/seam ripper/[insert other item] in my hand and returned, sometimes just moments later without them, with no clue where I left them.

I waste an inordinate amount of time looking for things I have mislaid. So some sort of sewing tidy would be ideal for someone like me.

Yuki makes the most thoughtful patterns and also appears to be a pocket addict which I am in total approval of. There are quite a few pockets of different types on this pattern. The pattern comes in two formats – apron or belt.

As I said it was four days before my long trip to Italy, but I just couldn’t say no. I felt happy to be invited to test this pattern so I said “Yes Please!” and I chose to make the apron first.

Yuki’s Kaede Apron line art

I decided to make it in some of the cognac faux suede I have in my stash – funnily enough, I made my last Waffle pattern in green faux suede. It just seems to work with these structured items. I also had some closures intended for making bags which I haven’t yet got to. I didn’t have any of the webbing needed for the straps but I made straps out of some rip-stop fabric I have for making outdoor wear (that also hasn’t happened yet!) So everything came from the stash – hurrah!

There are many pieces to this item, but Yuki’s instructions are so meticulous that they are easy to follow. Part of the role of the pattern tester is to check if the instructions are clear and easy to follow and this is always the case with Waffle Patterns. If you are methodical (which these patterns have taught me to be) I think sewers of all levels could complete this project.

The construction itself is not difficult, but it needs care and the order of operations is important. I made sure to stick to the sequence.

The finished item looks so cool. Different pocket types and sizes mean I have a lot of options for how I can use it. There are some voluminous cargo pockets as well as zipper and patch pockets. it’s a great idea and I think could be used for all sorts of crafts. This could work for an artist, woodworker, a chef, a Hair and Makeup Artist, I think it’s very versatile. I’ve already got thoughts about another one in sturdy outdoors fabric for use on my allotment.

My next challenge now is to learn to use this apron effectively. I’ve already found that it makes me think about what I’m doing as I create new habits such as always putting my marker back in the pen holder so that I have it every time I’m ready; keeping my scissors and rotary cutter in one of the big pouches; always having a tape measure on my person. Some things don’t work e.g. rulers are a bit too long and pokey, but it really is going to help me be more efficient and save a lot of time.

Thank you, Yuki, for inviting me to be a tester again, it was great being part of the process and making Kaede helped me fill a gap in my sewing equipment itinerary.

How do you keep track of your tools? Are you an organised crafter or are you a #messysewer like me?

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